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224. Aggressive Optimism with Jenna Edwards

Students often face the double burden of experiencing trauma then feeling isolated and powerless. Educators don’t always know when to step in and what tools to offer. Jenna Edwards’ new book, “Aggressive Optimism,” seeks to fix that.

“Aggressive Optimism” is a novel based on Jenna’s own experience with a devastating accident and resulting PTSD. The coming-of-age book is written for high school students. Jenna describes it as an “emotional resonance of Girl Interrupted with the empowering essence of Legally Blonde.” The goal is for students to connect with the characters while learning mental health tools embedded in the story.

In this episode we cover toxic positivity, resilience, solidarity, and healing. If you or your students have faced PTSD or other mental health issues, you have a friend in this book and in this podcast.

To learn more, visit:

We unbox:

  • What aggressive optimism is and why it is the opposite of toxic positivity

  • The concept of proactive resilience and trying different tools

  • Some common misconceptions about PTSD


Produced by NOVA Media


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