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227. Liberatory Learning with Dr. Michelle Sadrena Pledger

It’s time to free ourselves from oppression, both inside and outside the classroom: internalized oppression, interpersonal oppression, ideological oppression, and institutional oppression. Dr. Michelle Sadrena Pledger is here to discuss these issues today.

Michelle is the Founder of Living for Liberation and is also the Director of Liberation at the High Tech High Graduate School of Education. Her specialty is liberatory project-based learning. That’s when young people experience a learning environment that’s culturally responsive and centered in knowing and improving the world around them. 

We talk about how to incorporate equity stances, identity, belonging, place, dialogue, and democratization in teaching practices— even if you have to stick to a standardized curriculum. 

And there’s absolutely no expectation of being perfect! So please enjoy this episode with Michelle and enjoy liberatory learning.

To learn more, visit:

We unbox:

  • Michelle’s Notice, Name, Navigate framework

  • The importance of student agency and action in liberatory learning

  • How liberatory learning leads to deeper learning


Produced by NOVA Media


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