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237. Story-Based Creativity with Sarah Lagrotteria

Humans think in story. Story is not just a way to connect with others, it’s how we connect to ourselves and how we navigate our world. At Just Bloom School, adults and children learn how to tap into their innate story-telling abilities to develop creativity and resilience. Head educator Sarah Lagrotteria joins us today to tell us more.

Sarah has trained Special Ops members, business leaders, and third graders in how to think in story to come up with creative problem-solving solutions. She gives us an example of how she has kids come up with a kind of “Pokemon card” for someone who thinks differently than them, and then asks the kids to solve problems thinking like that person.

Sarah explains that the ongoing practice of story-based creativity leads to significant results in individuals’ self-efficacy and resilience. Individuals feel confident that they can come up with several different solutions to fix a problem rather than giving up after one.

We discuss how this kind of creativity education can be integrated in schools, afterschool programs, and summer camps.  

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We unbox:

  • Story as a mode of thinking

  • Developing creativity from story-based thinking

  • How creativity increases resilience 


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