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66 | When Zoo Becomes School | with Emily Cunningham & Erin Murray

This week, we’re talking about one of our favorite styles of education — one that asks students to get hands-on, roll up their sleeves, get in the weeds (among other things), and actively apply everything they’re learning. Specifically, we’re talking about Zoo Schools, which are just as cool as they sound. 

Our guests are Emily Cunningham, a veteran science educator and an instructor at the Columbus Zoo School, and Erin Murray, a senior at the Zoo School. We’ll learn what exactly goes on at Zoo School and why these alternative forms of education can serve so many students so much better than the traditional high school route.

We unbox:

  1. The organizations that make the Columbus Zoo School possible

  2. How do kids get all of their credits at a zoo?

  3. What does Emily’s role as the instructor look like?

  4. A typical day at Zoo School

  5. Erin’s internship project

  6. How Zoo School has evolved over the last 8 years

  7. Why Erin thinks anyone who can attend should try Zoo School (or other non-traditional high school alternatives)



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