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68 | The Zebrafish Effect: How BioEYES is Inspiring Young Minds | with Katie Benton

We first talked about BioEYES — a K-12 science education program that aims to foster enthusiasm for science by offering students opportunities to explore life science through real-world applications using a hands-on approach to learning — back in episode 51 with the wonderful Jamie Shuda. Today, we’re going to dive deeper into the nuts and bolts of the program with a conversation featuring a teacher and a couple of students who’ve actually lived and experienced BioEYES.

Katie Benton is a 20-year veteran teacher, and she helps bring programs like BioEYES into Barrington Elementary School. Katie is joined by Louise and Evren, two rising fifth-graders who had the opportunity to participate in BioEYES in Katie’s classroom. We’ll learn what it was like for Katie to bring this program into her class, what it was like for the students who participated, and how being exposed to the program changed the students’ perspectives.

We unbox:

  1. How Louise helped bring BioEYES to Katie’s attention

  2. What experiments the kiddos got to participate in

  3. The value of actually seeing and doing science

  4. How Louise and Evren think BioEYES will help them in the future

  5. Other skills (like teamwork) that these hands-on programs help to teach kids



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