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71 | What All Educators Can Learn from Camp Invention: Hands-On Learning, Low-Tech STEM, & Remo

Our guest today is Krissy Hostetler, Education Team Specialist at the National Inventors 

Hall of Fame (NIHF) in Akron, Ohio, which hosts Camp Invention in addition to a number of other fantastic programs for children of all ages. Krissy is a problem-solving powerhouse, with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and a M.Sc. in Urban and Regional Planning.

Krissy also included a fantastic tidbit in her bio that we wanted to share with you, to help you get a better idea of just how awesome she is:  “There are days where I am under a desk in the dark to observe LED brightness and other days where I’m building hydraulic cranes using paper cups, duct tape, and aquarium tubing.” You just have to love a girl who can make anything happen with duct tape and paper cups.

We unbox:

  1. The origins of the National Inventors Hall of Fame

  2. The NIHF’s partnership with the U.S. patent office

  3. Creating Camp Invention

  4. Why Camp Invention is intentionally low-tech

  5. What formal educators can learn from Camp Invention’s approach — and what we really, really hope they do adapt to their classrooms

  6. The difference between telling a kid something and learning alongside them

  7. Education in the midst of crisis

  8. How Camp Invention adapted to COVID-19 with Camp Invention Connect

  9. Delivering a hands-on program remotely

  10. What educators have learned from this experience of adapting to remote education options



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