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75 | Global Competencies for K-12: Agency, Entrepreneurialism, Altruism, Advocacy, Citizenship, Deep

Karen Yager’s dream started three years ago when she was watching the 9th and 10th grade students at Knox Grammar School in New South Wales. Their academic results were lower than both older and younger students, and they lacked a sense of purpose. They were drifting.

So she asked herself: How do we give them a sense of purpose? How do we get that passion, purpose, and mastery into their lives and really make them more agile?

What they came up with was the Academy of Global Competency. Folks in the United States, in particular, should take note. This new initiative and building includes a certificate of global competency in K-12 that is achieved through microcredentials that come under the categories of agency, entrepreneurialism, altruism, advocacy, citizenship, deep learning, agility. We should all aspire to be this cool.

We unbox:

  1. How “jump through the hoops” style testing is affecting our kids

  2. The three things that teachers are trying to change in the upcoming New South Wales curriculum review

  3. How creating “man caves” is helping students

  4. What happens when you give students a voice in how and where they learn?

  5. Creating an Entrepreneurial Ethics course

  6. We underestimate our kids so often… but what happens when we give them the benefit of the doubt?

  7. Social learning theory



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