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77 | Internships, Manufacturing, & The Future of Work | with Rosemary Coates & Ryan Edward

When the PAST Foundation travels around the country to talk to policymakers, colleges, universities, and trade schools, there’s one topic that gets brought up in just about every conversation: manufacturing. So it’s clear there’s a bigger conversation we really need to have around STEM education and the future of manufacturing jobs.

To help us parse out what needs to be done to get a new generation excited about the possibilities available in manufacturing — which might be more diverse and interesting than you think — and prepare them for the task, we are talking to two guests: Rosemary Coates and Ryan Edwards. Rosemary is the Executive Director of the Reshoring Institute, a 501c3 nonprofit collaborating with nine universities across the U.S. on a mission to support companies starting, restarting, or expanding manufacturing in the United States. Ryan was a summer intern with Reshoring Institute and is currently an MBA student at TCU University, and he shares how the firsthand experience during his internship prepared him for the future of work.

We unbox:

  1. What does the Reshoring Institute do to accomplish their mission?

  2. Ryan’s experience as an intern

  3. The value of autonomy as an intern

  4. The future of work

  5. Professional development

  6. What is the purpose of an internship?

  7. America has no industrial policy: why that’s a problem



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