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86 | Peerro, Inclusion, & The Future of Employment | with Rachel Angel

Employment is a big conversation these days, for both those seeking employment and those seeking to hire, and the issues involved are numerous and complex. And this was a big conversation before 2020’s record unemployment numbers. Now? It’s simply one of the biggest conversations that needs to be had.

So we sat down with Dr. Rachel Angel, President and CEO of Anexsis, which has developed an interactive software that engages young adults seeking employment called Peerro. Dr. Angel offers us a glimpse at the future of employment — as well as what we need to do, as a society, to ensure we have a workforce in the future.

We unbox:

  1. Peerro is a career pathway management system

  2. Why it’s more than just a job placement app

  3. In a rapidly changing world, we don’t know what the business world will look like even a few years from now. So how do we prepare young adults for an unknown future?

  4. Scaffolding opportunities so that young folks can find careers they’re passionate about

  5. How can you know that you want to do something if you don’t get an opportunity to try doing it?

  6. Investing in young folks can’t just be philanthropy — this is your responsibility when you’re capable and able to help young people

  7. The people who have been excluded from the workforce and professional development opportunities

  8. How parents are potentially harming their children by raising them to be “too good” for entry-level opportunities

  9. Social justice and equity issues

  10. Getting beyond insincere and surface-level efforts at inclusion



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