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98 | Technology and the Change In Pace of Innovation and the Future of Work with Jasmine de Gaia &#

We’re super excited to have Paige Love and Jasmine de Gaia from JPMorgan Chase & Co. on the show for the second segment of our three-part series on innovation strategies within education and the workforce. We touch on the importance of failure and fluidity for an evolving workforce to thrive and the different ways tech industries encourage more women, girls, and minorities to move into technology. We also address how mature workforces can adapt and be part of the innovative process, creating a bridge from the classroom to the boardroom.

We unbox:

  1. Technology and the speed of change 

  2. Evolving through failure 

  3. Encouraging women and girls to move into technology

  4. The school-workplace connection 

  5. Diversity of thought and the customer experience



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