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Corbin Receives Ruppe’ Award

Dr. Annalies Corbin wins Carol V. Ruppe’ Distinguished Service Award


Congratulations to Dr. Annalies Corbin, President & CEO of the PAST Foundation for receiving the Carol V. Ruppe’ Distinguished Service Award, one of the top three prestigious recognitions presented by The Society for Historical Archaeology. Annalies receives this award for her tireless volunteer efforts to support the missions of The Society for Historical Archaeology, particularly for her exemplary service to the publications programs.

The Society for Historical Archaeology (SHA) established the Carol V. Rupee Distinguished Service Award to honor individuals who have a record of sustained and truly outstanding service to the Society.  Kimberly L. Faulk, Ex Officio, ACUA and Amanda Evans, SHA Board of Directors presented Annalies with her award at the annual SHA Conference in Dallas, Texas.

Faulk and Evans noted in their award speech that, “Annalies has worked tirelessly behind the scenes to support both the SHA and the ACUA publications for almost two decades.  Annalies and PAST have provided financial sponsorship and in-kind resources to the SHA and ACUA, alongside significant amounts of time and boundless passion for archaeology.

Annalies’ service to the SHA over the last 17 years includes associate editor for Historical Archaeology (2000-2006), Book Review editor (2001-2003), and Technical Briefs Editor (2004-2006).  Since 2007, Annalies has been the Society’s Co-Publications editor, guiding Society members through various publication tracks with the University Press of Florida, University of Nebraska Press, and Springer Publishing.  Her expert guidance on issues such as ISSN/ISBN registration, layout schedules, and editorial structures have saved more than one author tremendous heartache.  Her attention to detail is unparalleled, allowing SHA and ACUA publications to progress under realistic timelines, adhere to accurate and realistic budgets, and always with a critical eye towards how these efforts best serve the membership.

“The Carol V. Ruppe’ Award holds a special place in my heart, as it related directly to my scientific expertise and my field of study. In my role as a transformational education leader, I believe it is important to tap into and encourage student passions to help them find their true calling. I am fortunate to be able to do just that with my creative and innovative team members at PAST,” said Corbin.

Annalies graduated from East Carolina University’s Maritime History Program and received her doctorate from the University of Idaho for her work on riverboats in the Missouri River basin.  Annalies left her academic career in 2005 to lead PAST full time but continues to serve historical and underwater archaeology through her work as an editor.


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