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Help Support The Metrobots

The Metrobots, the robotics team from Metro Early College High School, Col, OH, are very excited to begin building their robot for Stronghold in the 2016 FIRST Robotics season. The game this season is very intense and requires a full field for practice and testing. The team plans on hosting strategy and practice matches on this field. It is their hope that all the central Ohio FRC teams will be able to utilize this field during and after the build season. They are asking for your support in funding this project.

The teams will compete this spring with hopes of moving forward to regional and national competition. In fact, The Metrobots did compete at nationals in 2015, and they plan on fiercely defending their reputation as the team to beat!

Your donation can help all Ohio FRC expand their program and build a practice field.  Donation are being accepted at GoFundMe.  Thank you!


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