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Innovative, Engaging School Design & Strategy

The School Design & Strategy team at PAST Innovation Lab offers exciting ways to engage your staff through innovative Professional Development opportunities. We invite you to come check out the PAST Innovation Labs and the work we do all year long with our district, school, and teacher partners.

Every school and district is different, so the PAST approach is customized to help your group grow and expand the learning opportunities for students. How you work with our team to bring transdisciplinary problem-based learning to your school has many options:

•  Design Workshops for whole staffs and/or lead teams •  Online PD for busy teacher professionals •  Virtual Professional Development for our teams spread across the country. •  One-on-one administrator mentoring •  Facilitated community sessions to support change and innovation in schools and districts. •  Mini teacher team workshops to introduce Transdisciplinary Problem Based Learning, •  Tailored PD for schools and districts trying to implement Trasnsdisciplinary Problem Based Learning over time. •  And, so much more!

For inquiries about our approach to innovative design in education and support please to reach out to our Director of School Design & Strategy, Ketal Patel.


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