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Mentorship at Maker Mania

By: Mamtaz Abdi & Aya Belouadah

Maker Mania: Design & Create was our first Maker Mania with our new Maker space! We had different activities ranging from driving Sphero RVRs to designing t-shirts in our Maker space! Leading our t-shirt station were Workforce students Aya and Mamtaz. During the Workforce Development Program, Aya and Mamtaz experienced the professional world of fashion to design and create a t-shirt for the Workforce program! Using the skills learned over the summer, they could mentor and guide other students into the fashion world.

Mamtaz: The workforce development internship that took place over the summer really helped me learn new skills like t-shirt production and time management which I could apply to future projects. At Maker Mania, I could apply the organizational and reflective skills I learned in the program to think fast and help the children and parents solve any problem. Using previously acquired skills we could adapt the program and the process to best suit the environment and the needs of the proper production.

Aya: This maker mania we were able to help kids who had difficulties either with the drawing aspect or the actual printing portion. After talking to professionals during the summer, I could take what I learned in that setting and apply it during Maker Mania. When the children started coming in, I could talk with them and make them feel comfortable enough to share their ideas and ideas for their t-shirt design. It was a super fun and friendly event and I’m really glad I was able to help solve the problems that arose when the designs didn’t come out as planned.


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