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OSU Forensics Day 8

Day 8: Bone Histology and Mapping Systems

“Today was a long, but informative day. I found histology very difficult. All of the topics we have gone over so far I have had some background in, but histology is usually something we fly through at the beginning of the semester in some of my classes. I have never had the opportunity to sit down, and really examine the cellular structure of the bone. Although I thought the histology module was difficult, I learned a lot today. I think histology is extremely important for any carrier involving bone, because in order to understand something on a macro-scale it is important to understand it on a micro-scale. There is a reason chemistry starts off with the atom, and biology with the cell. Every hard science builds upon itself, and it is important to have a strong foundation to start with. I also am really glad we went over mapping coordinate systems. I have never had to do anything like that ever before. I know these systems will be necessary at the indoor and outdoor crime scene. It is important in a forensic context to be able to accurately reconstruct a scene for a jury. Today was definitely the day I had learned the most, and I feel confident that I have the tools to go to the crime scene and get some work done. I am so excited to go to the indoor crime scene, and put all of my new skills to work!”

Sarah L. – Participant

Bone histology expert Jesse Goliath shows Leann how to load a piece of bone into a saw to make samples for microscopic analysis.

Leann R. – Participant

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