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Press Release October 17, 2017

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 17, 2017 Contact: Lori Trent, Business Innovations & Marketing Manager 614-340-1208 X1215

PAST Foundation Receives Generous Grant from Verizon

(Columbus, OH) – The PAST Foundation headquartered in Columbus, Ohio recently received a generous grant of $100,000 from the Verizon Foundation. This funding will be used to support PAST STEM Bridge Programs which are informal educational programs for students. From science to robotics and from art to math gaming, PAST offers programs that help students transition to problem-based learning pivoted on real world issues in low risk environments. PAST Innovation Lab provides 32,000 sf for prototyping educational models that resonate with today’s needs. The lab was created specifically to support meaningful partnerships between industry, K12, post-secondary and community organizations. The Innovators Club, an after-school program, engages middle school students with STEM based hands-on learning.

“The students of Columbus will be our torch bearers and we must equip them to solve the challenges of our community. We are happy to partner with The PAST Foundation to provide hands-on problem solving through STEM learning opportunities for youth in our community,” said Michelle Robinson, Vice President of Government Affairs with Verizon. “Education and technology is the great equalizer. We need more kids to see the world of possibilities waiting for them.”

“We think learning should be an amazing part of a kid's life,” said Annalies Corbin, President & CEO, PAST Foundation. “Our PAST Bridge Program team designs, tests and implements a variety of summer programs, design challenges, and after school programs. These programs engage students in a fun and unique manner in collaboration with professionals and community partners with real world issues. We are thrilled to partner with Verizon to help reach even more students, exposing them to innovative projects and processes to help them discover their individual talents and passions.”

Throughout PAST’s programs, participants are introduced to and encouraged to apply skills that help make the transition from classroom to career seamless. Immersive programs give students an opportunity to apply education in real world settings. Over an extended period of time, usually one week, expert directors take students on adventures to learn in multiple settings about a variety of content areas. These adventures help students develop the soft skills that business and industry desire, such as problem-solving, collaboration, communication and critical thinking. Students that complete these programs are better prepared for their futures!

About PAST Foundation For over 17 years, PAST, a non-profit foundation, has been a leader in designing STEM education across the nation, bringing transdisciplinary problem-based learning to educators and experiential programs to students. Most notably, PAST was recently recognized by the U.S. Department of Education for its Excellence in Innovation in the STEM 2026 vision report. PAST was the only educational entity in Ohio to be included in this publication (full report).

PAST was also recognized in 2014, by CGI America and former President Bill Clinton for their outstanding work, and again in 2015 for their achievements in improving STEM education in rural America. In 2015, the PAST Innovation Lab was recognized by the White House Summit on High School Design. For more information on PAST Foundation and how you can link learning to life, visit or contact Lori Trent at

About the Verizon Foundation Verizon Innovative Learning is an initiative of the Verizon Foundation to bring free technology and access to hands-on, immersive learning experiences to youth in need to prepare them to thrive in a digital economy. With a commitment of $160 million, Verizon is impacting 300,000 students and 7,400 teachers nationwide. This year, Verizon launched #weneedmore, an effort to bring more attention to the critical need for more young people to discover the possibilities in STEM fields. Visit

Media contact: Kim Ancin 908-801-0500 Albert Aydin 908-559-7513 @albertaydin


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