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Special Edition 1 | Easy Tips for Working Remotely with Kat Deaner

Welcome to Learning Unboxed Special Edition! This is our inaugural episode during the COVID19 lockdown. We thought it was appropriate to discuss the topic of working remotely. Our guest today is Kat Deaner, Director of School Design and Online Learning at PAST Foundation.

Kat has been working remotely with the PAST Foundation here in Columbus, OH from her home in Northern California since 2015. Kat know a thing or two about the unique challenges and benefits of working remotely. She thrives in this format and here she offers all of us some tips on how to make this transition work.

Topics Covered:

  1. Setting expectations

  2. Creating a productive workspace

  3. Setting boundaries

  4. Family time versus work time

  5. Perks of this format of working


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