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163. What to Do When Teachers Feel Like Quitting with Bill Manchester

Anyone will tell you: Teaching is hard. But when we have teachers who are good at their jobs but are feeling that struggle, how can they overcome that hurdle and go on to have long, joyous teaching careers?

Bill Manchester is an old friend of Learning Unboxed. We met with him and his students back in episode 34, Engineering Creativity Through Music. If you happened to miss that one, we’ll catch you up: Bill is an 18-year (and counting) veteran teacher who runs his classroom in a way that most teachers dream about. Most recently, he’s published a book titled “When You Feel Like Quitting Teaching, Read This Book”.

We talk about the nudge needed to keep teachers on track and feeling good, the small consistent steps for a solid teaching foundation, and how to find your footing in a tumultuous landscape.

To learn more, visit:

We unbox:

  • Why Bill felt the need to write his book

  • What stands in the way of our teachers loving their jobs long term

  • The learning triangle that becomes the foundation of your passion pivots: Engagement, content, and structure

  • Creating full engagement in the classroom

  • Balancing the need for testing without relying on it as a mechanism to learn



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