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Our goal was to create a state of the art Education R&D prototyping facility. We did it!

PAST’s Innovation Lab is an educational R&D prototyping facility, located in Columbus, Ohio. PAST partners with K12 schools, post-secondary institutions, as well as industry and community partners, designing and researching new and innovative programs that deliver rigorous and relevant education. PAST’s immersive student programs include the Hybrid Teaching Model and Learning Labs that blur the line between coursework and workforce development alongside informal bridge programs that accelerate STEM experiences after and out of school. PAST professional development works with administrators and teachers providing effective tools and training for transforming education, bringing transdisciplinary problem-based learning into classrooms.  Integrated into all PAST programs is evidence-based research that continuously informs design and prototyping.

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Design Learning Lab

explores the world of engineering, manufacturing, and robotics

Bodies Learning Lab

explores the world of healthcare, medicine, and wellness

Energy & High-Tech Learning Lab

explores the world of energy
generation and transmission using high-tech innovation

Growth Learning Lab

explores the world of food and agriculture in urban areas

Digital Learning Lab

explores the digital world of data, coding, industry and security