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017 | Systemic STEM Transformation: How Communities & Schools Can Lead the Change | with Karl R

Karl Rectanus is an educator, entrepreneur, advisor, and the co-founder and CEO of LearnPlatform, an organization with a team of educators, researchers, and technologists committed to leveraging data, delivering dynamic solutions, and making results matter.

Karl leads K-12 districts, higher ed institutions and state education agencies in their efforts to use the research-based LearnPlatform to continuously improve standards of practice that drive blended and personalized learning at scale, increase student achievement, and expand equitable access to education technologies. So, needless to say, we’re big fans over here at PAST.

Another thing we love about Karl is that he brings an ethos of knowledge and experience to every conversation and every project he is involved in. He has a courageous willingness to try and to fail, and he does it all with grace, and we really couldn’t be happier to have him on the show.

We unbox:

  1. Transforming STEM education in both formal and informal learning spaces

  2. Creating systemic solutions to solve education problems & an ecosystem that can support transformation

  3. Why teachers are “the first entrepreneurs”

  4. Why all schools and communities should practice asset mapping

  5. How you can partner with community leaders to kickstart transformation in your community, outside of the traditional structure of education

  6. Keeping people engaged so that you can sustain transformation

  7. Venture philanthropy

  8. What LearnPlatform is & why it matters

  9. Helping our local school and community leaders understand data, the power of data, and how data itself becomes part of our transformative lead



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