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027 | Van Gogh Museum: Creating Engaging & Tactile Learning Experiences Through Play | with Ren

René Van Blerk is the Senior Educator and Senior Curator of Education and Interpretation at the Van Gogh Museum. In that role, he helped shape one of the most creative and innovative programs that we’ve seen in a long time: Vincent’s Traveling Case.

Vincent’s Traveling Case is special because it’s so incredibly engaging for kids. But René and the museum went further above and beyond because they wanted to find ways for students and families to engage with the art they were viewing when they weren’t right in front of it. So the Van Gogh Museum decided to make Vincent’s Traveling Case accessible to families, to schools, to teachers, and to kids around the world, virtually and online.

We unbox:

  1. Finding space to think and reflect within museums

  2. Bringing a tactile element to guided tours

  3. Involving families fully as a group

  4. Learning through playing

  5. Visible thinking routines


  1. Learn more at

  2. Vincent’s Traveling Case:

  3. Treasure Hunt:

  4. Learn more about Harvard University’s See | Think | Wonder Program


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