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037 | Preparing for the Next Industrial Revolution, Additive Manufacturing | with Ian Stroop &

Mike, a teacher with Gahanna Jefferson Schools and Ian Stroop an OSU Freshman and former graduate of the Additive Manufacturing Summer Institute (AMSI) here at the PAST Foundation sat down with Annalies to discuss not only the Industrial Revolution in the 1700s that started our whole manufacturing process with the subtractive method. But now, with the advent of 3D printing, it pushes the boundaries of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Ian and Mike discuss the new opportunities to learn about not only learning and adjusting to the new freedoms that 3D printing can allow for students and teachers. Mike is an award-winning teacher and an early adopter of technology and #AppliedSTEM teaching and learning. Ian has the added insight of being both a student and learner at last year’s inaugural AMSI camp and a mentor and co-presenter for this year. Ian mentored Mike and Mike worked alongside the 24 other students to adapt to the challenge of the AMSI camp.

Both of them open up to Annalies about the #FutureOfWork and the #FutureOfLearning and the emerging challenges and opportunities.

We unbox:

  1. What is Additive Manufacturing?

  2. Why 3D Printing such a big deal?

  3. The challenges of teaching critical thinking skills

  4. Creating a space for growth and exploration

  5. Exploring career pathways

  6. What the camp experience AND the teacher experience is like

  7. Following your passion


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