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041 | The Past & Future of Girl Scouts | with Tammy Wharton

We are working to change the world by moving more girls into amazing STEM and STEAM careers, and joining us today is someone who shares that mission: Tammy Wharton, the president and CEO of Girl Scouts of Ohio Heartland, which serves over 20,000 girls in 30 Ohio counties.

Most people are familiar with Girl Scouts in a general sense, but you may not realize the wide-spread impact they can have. They are constantly working with girls to develop courage, confidence, and character — and that confidence is so key to pursuing fields that women haven’t been encouraged to try in the past.

We unbox:

  1. What the Girl Scouts are focused on today

  2. The biggest entrepreneur social program for girls

  3. Staying relevant to girls in a changing world

  4. Reaching kids at their formative years

  5. Giving girls confidence and teaching them what is possible

  6. Working with collaborators in your community

  7. Using a hook to get kids engaged

  8. Partnering with other organizations



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