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043 | Girls Who Lead, Pt. 2

This year, the PAST Foundation held our 2nd annual Girls Who Lead Summit. The event focused on giving 120 parents and students an opportunity to explore and try out different STEM skills. For this episode, we wanted to highlight some of the participants at this summit to share some of the incredible things they are doing!

Our first guests are Daria Shirazi and Maggie Wessel. The two of them are from Grandview Heights Middle School, and they have joined us today at the Girls Who Lead Summit to see what it’s all about. They believe that the school environment should be a break from all the social drama that kids and teens are subject to.

Next, we talk to Ava Watts, a student at Harding Middle School in Lakewood, Ohio. She came to the summit to be inspired and learn what it was that turned others into the strong leaders they are today.

Then we have Abby May who is a student at Grove City High School in Ohio. She’s in her senior year and trying to figure out what she wants to do in my career, and there’s not a lot of hands-on experience you can get in school. She believes that the future of school should be geared more towards providing this kind of interactive, varied experience.

We unbox:

  1. Avoiding social drama in school

  2. Teaching kids to be leaders

  3. Social and cultural education for kids

  4. Exploring different subjects and interests

  5. Recognizing opportunities

  6. Getting hands-on experience



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