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046 | Following Your Passion & Facilitating Human Growth | with Calvin Mires

On today’s episode of Learning Unboxed we are sharing the story of Calvin Mires and his journey in pursuing his passion: education. We talk about what’s possible, the amazing opportunities out there, and the importance of connection. Calvin shares his experiences in teaching educators and facilitating human growth in innovative and unexpected ways.    

Calvin Mires, currently works as Research Associate III with Woods Hole. Though, that title doesn’t encompass everything Calvin has done, he has taught classes from global health issues to Middle Eastern cultures to Maritime Archeology, developed 5 field schools, trained nearly 70 citizen scientists, and continues to impact the world of STEM. Calvin is a firm believer of growth and learning from mistakes, all experiences are educational experiences.

We unbox:

  1. PAST Innovation Lab as a petri dish for exploration

  2. Transitioning from teaching to creating STEM programs

  3. Where history meets STEM

  4. How STEM camp experiences translate back into the classroom

  5. Letting ideas grow before applying practicality

  6. Experiential education

  7. Earning trust with your students

  8. Students using cell phones responsibly



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