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055 | Shining a Light on Career Opportunities in the Fashion Industry | with Yogi Terrell, Rob Smith

When you think about the fashion industry, the first city that comes to mind probably isn’t Columbus, Ohio — but there’s a group of incredible people in our community trying to change that by shining a light onto the history of fashion in this area and the opportunities that are available today. Because there’s incredible career potential here, and when you show that to a kid and you show them the variety of careers behind the scenes in the fashion industry, it can get those kids excited to learn.

So, today, we’re sitting down with three of the people who are devoted to engaging kids and teaching them about the opportunities in this area and industry: Joe Brim, a self-described engagement experience strategist and creative who focuses on design through the eyes of the end user; Yohannan “Yogi” Terrell, CEO/Partner at Warhol and WALL ST, plus the new lead director of the Columbus Fashion Initiative; and Rob Smith, a chemist who travels the world, transforming the fashion industry through science and innovation.

We unbox:

  1. Why Columbus?

  2. The breadth and depth of options in the fashion industry that many people aren’t aware of

  3. How you can work as a scientist in the fashion industry

  4. The origins of the Columbus Fashion Initiative

  5. The four pillars of this learning initiative: learn, make, innovate, and experience.

  6. How to harness the assets in your community

  7. The power of giving kids role models who look like them



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