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100. Unboxing 100 Episodes of Learning Unboxed with Annalies Corbin and Rich Rosen

PAST’s podcast passion project, Learning Unboxed, has reached the 100 episode milestone! To commemorate, we thought we’d turn the mic inward to explore the origin story of the show while celebrating milestones past, present, and future.

We talk about how my life-long thirst for knowledge ultimately led to both the creation of PAST and this podcast. I’m so grateful for this incredible platform, which links learning to life and connects with a worldwide network of education facilitators and students on an intimate level. 

We unbox:

  1. My college and work background 

  2. Gender roles in the educational sphere

  3. The premise of Learning Unboxed

  4. How good ideas spread

  5. Redesigning the education system

  6. Takeaways from the pandemic 

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