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108. Doing the Impossible & Changing Mindsets Through Reading with Rana Dajani

Rana Dajani is a worldwide advocate, and research scientist. She holds a PhD in molecular cell biology, has received many accolades and recognitions around the world, has participated in the Clinton Global Initiative, is on The Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program from Jordan to the United States, and so much more. She is also the author of “Five Scarves: Doing the Impossible,” an exploration of the intersections between gender, race, religion, and science, told through the eyes of one of the world’s leading Muslim, women scientists. Every woman or educator deserves to read it. She’s seeking a paradigm shift in the fight against women’s oppression. She joins us to talk about her work, what influences her thinking, and the future of education.

We unbox:

  1. Why Rana wrote this book

  2. What the five scarves are

  3. What We Love Reading is and how it functions

  4. Profound lessons from students



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