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109. Exploring Creative Education with Saeed Arida, Siena Jekel, Anara Magavi & Luca Rudenstine

Today, we go into detail on an innovative education program, NuVu Studio, a full time innovation school based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Joining us is Saeed Arida, the Chief Excitement Officer at NuVu Studio, and three students at NuVu, Anara Magavi, 10th Grade, with a focus on design; Siena Jekel, 9th Grade, with a focus on film and innovation; and Luca Rudenstine, 12th grade, with a passion for storytelling through design and art as a tool for activism.

While earning his Ph.D. in Architecture at MIT, Saeed studied the processes architects use to create their work. He wondered what would happen if we applied those same techniques to the education system, and, through his work with NuVu, he’s determined to find out.

We unbox:

  1. Applying architecture models to education 

  2. What students learn at NuVu

  3. How kids explain what they’re learning



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