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115. Our Chance to Rethink Early Education with Colin McGinnis

Colin McGinnis is the CEO of South Side Early Learning, a high-quality early learning school founded in 1922. He’s passionate about early education and ending the disparities that prevent young learners from accessing the education they need to develop a solid foundation. He’s also working to end low wages paid to the teachers who influence children’s success through life.

When South Side and PAST had the opportunity to come together and rethink what education could look like, we developed a moonshot together of what the future of education could look like from a blank slate.

We talk about what the future should look like, how to attract quality talent in early education, and the importance of starting early and continuing that education moving forward.

We unbox:

  1. Colin’s background and his commitment to early childhood education

  2. Taking a moonshot approach to education

  3. Being a citizen of our community

  4. The aspirations we have for the future of education

  5. The importance of retaining quality educators


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