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123. Looking at History Through a Critical Archaeological Lens with Matthew Reeves

It’s fascinating the way archaeology impacts how we think about teaching, learning, and the future of the world.

We’re going to be talking about exploring the legacy of race through archaeology as a teaching tool with Matthew Reeves, Director of Archaeology at James Madison’s Montpelier in Orange, Virginia.

The story of James Madison is a complex and fascinating one, and what they are trying to do at Montpelier is retell that story as accurately as possible. He was a father of the constitution, but he was also a slave owner up until his retirement. We look at the role of archaeology in digging up and telling that story, the value in uncovering the difficult history of the United States, and making sure all voices are heard.

We unbox:

  1. What James Madison’s Montpelier is doing

  2. Critical race theory and the importance of telling the full story

  3. Finding the story told through archaeology

  4. Making the lives of enslaved Americans more visible

  5. Processing information critically rather than being told what to think

  6. Bringing more diversity of thought into archaeology



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