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124. Me and My City with Kaisa Koistinen

Kaisa Koistinen is the mastermind behind Finland’s innovative Yrityskylä concept. Now, under its new name “Me and My City,” the program is looking to roll out in the United States. Me and My City seeks to empower children to learn the world of business and entrepreneurship instead of expecting them to learn it on the fly once they’re older. 

The idea is simple but profound: children act out different roles within companies and organizations so as to build their understanding of the corporate landscape and how industries fit together. The idea is to prepare them for adulthood in a way that the current education system overlooks. In essence, they put the children in charge.

For example, many young adults lack the basic capabilities to manage their own finances. Me and My City arms people with these tools before they reach an age where they need to rely on them.

We unbox:

  1. The making of Me and My City

  2. How the program empowers children

  3. What’s in store for the future



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