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125. Using The Conrad Challenge to Unlock the Box with Nancy Conrad & Ankesh Madan

The Conrad Challenge has been inspiring students to collaborate and innovate for years as just one of the programs run by The Conrad Foundation. Its founder and chair, Nancy Conrad, joins us, as well as tech investor and Conrad alum, Ankesh Madan, for a discussion on how the challenge continues to benefit people around the globe.

A former teacher, Nancy is now a globally recognized leader in transformative education and a highly sought-after speaker. She established The Conrad Foundation to honor her husband, Pete Conrad, the third man to walk on the moon. 

Also joining us is Ankesh Madan. Ankesh is a self-described recovering materials engineer who made the transition to tech investor following his involvement in the 2010 Conrad Challenge. 

Together, they give us a full picture of how The Conrad Challenge is able to innovate, bring people together, and bring the best out of our children.

We unbox:

  1. The exciting legacy of The Conrad Challenge

  2. Ankesh’s personal experience with the challenge in 2010

  3. The trends we’re seeing in how students have approached the challenge over the years

  4. What the future of the challenge may look like



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