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127. EL Education in Action at Palouse Prairie Charter School with Jeneille Branen & Erin Corw

In this episode, I connect with Jeneille Branen and Erin Corwine, the powerhouses behind the Palouse Prairie Charter School in Moscow, Idaho. As a credited EL institute, it’s exemplary in executing the EL Education philosophy (formally known as  Expeditionary Learning). 

We discuss what makes the Palouse community and curriculum unique, the intentionality behind their rigorous hiring process, integrating the natural learning environments, and how they pivoted their practices during the pandemic. 

We unbox:

  1. How the Palouse Prairie Charter School was born

  2. Creating community within a university town 

  3. The value of the EL education model

  4. Outdoor adventure in the curriculum 

  5. Pivoting during the pandemic 



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