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130. Choreographing Ambitious, Messy Change with Dan McClure

Dan McClure draws on over thirty years of experience in order to, in his words “choreograph ambitious, messy change”. Now, he’s turning his attention to the education landscape, with a focus on which pieces are and aren’t relevant to make the whole thing run as efficiently as possible.

If you haven’t noticed, a lot has changed since our current education system was built. But, there aren’t many ways in which it’s been updated to match the times. It can be very difficult to get people to embrace change, especially when civic funding is at stake, but that’s exactly what Dan’s work is all about.

Having overhauled IT systems for companies and spent time working for both private and public enterprises, he draws upon a multi-disciplinary way of working that includes technology, business, and strategy.

Making changes to one piece of the puzzle will impact another, so how do we orchestrate system-wide reworkings for the better? It starts with people, understanding what effects changes have, how they’ll be received, and making sure that they’re communicated effectively. 

In this episode, Dan shares three actions we can take right now that form the backbone of his philosophy.

We unbox:

  1. What disruptive systems innovation really means

  2. Three key actions we can take

  3. Getting people to accept change



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