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144. Preparing Our Kids to Become Leaders of the Future with Michael Trezza

High school is a critical age for students. As our kids’ social lives expand, it can be harder to keep them interested in learning. And the skills that they are taught in school may not be the most readily applicable for their future. So what can be done to improve that system?

Giant Leaps Learning provides an after school enrichment program that helps prepare creative and curious students for life in college, the workplace, and beyond. Michael Trezza is the founder and CEO; his perspective aligns well with ours here at the PAST Foundation. We discuss how teaching kids the skills of critical thinking and self-learning can carry them much further than most archaic classroom lessons.

To learn more, visit:

We unbox:

  1. How the world is changing faster than our current education system can keep up

  2. What Giant Leaps Learning does

  3. How coaching meets educational needs

  4. Teaching kids critical thinking skills


Learning Unboxed is produced, in part, by Crate Media.


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