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150. Take Location-Based Learning Into Your Own Hands with Anne-Marie Gilliland

Travel is a wonderful thing, and so much learning can happen while doing it. Creating opportunities for learning takes a lot of work however, and it isn’t always accessible. How can we make it easy for anyone to learn as they travel?

That’s the goal of the Smithsonian Adventure Labs. Anne-Marie Gilliland a volunteer organizer at the Smithsonian Castle. Adventure Labs is an app based on the idea of geocaching, where you use your phone’s GPS to go on a scavenger hunt to different locations. In the app, you discover new locations, all the while learning more about their history, and you are encouraged to visit and discover new areas and new things you may never have noticed before. While it is made by the Smithsonian, anyone with the app can set up their own Adventure Lab.

Anne-Marie shares with us how, using the Adventure Lab app, you can bring exploration-based learning to your community without the need to invest in tour guides that by necessity limit what can be covered.

To learn more, visit:

We unbox:

  1. The purpose behind Smithsonian Adventure Labs

  2. How people can use the app

  3. What is involved in making your own Adventure Lab



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