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152. Creating Immersive Art Experiences that Spark Creativity with Allyson Lupovich

Art is such a powerful way to expand our creativity and explore unique ways of thinking, but the traditional art world can be uninspiring to outsiders and limiting to the artists themselves. Thankfully, people like Allyson Lupovich mean to change that. Allyson is the Director of Brand Content for Meow Wolf, an immersive art experience company in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Their goal is to inspire creativity through their art and to remind people of the power of play. We talk about all sorts of things, from how Meow Wolf approaches creating their maximalist, impressive art installations to collaborating on creative projects and more. We also discuss how to bring some of this sense of art and inspiration into your own backyard.

We unbox:

  1. What Meow Wolf is and how it got started

  2. How these experiences are designed

  3. Giving everyone a voice in creating

  4. What Omega Mart is and how it was designed

  5. Bringing creativity to your neighborhood



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