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157. Bringing Hands-On High-Tech Education to Everyone with Nikil Ragav

Many schools are excited by the idea of collaborative maker spaces, putting large amounts of funding into getting them built. But once those spaces have been built they start to struggle. What do we do with these spaces to make them a success? Nikil Ragav is the founder and CEO of inventXYZ, a program devoted to bringing high-tech, hands-on education to students everywhere by setting up maker workspaces at partner schools across the country. We talk about how he’s working with schools to make the process of building and using maker spaces more streamlined, and how schools everywhere can get involved.

To learn more, visit:

We unbox:

  1. The problems districts face when building maker spaces

  2. How inventXYZ is making it easier to put maker spaces in schools

  3. Accelerating the rate of teaching standard education

  4. Becoming involved with inventXYZ



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