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166. Rebuilding Education from the Ground Up with Nathan Gorsch and Katie Flanagan

We know that the modern school wasn’t designed for education and that it’s woefully inadequate at meeting the needs of today’s students and the work environment of the future. So much so that small tweaks aren’t enough to fix it — it has to be redesigned completely.

Nathan Gorsch, Founding Principal of Village High School in Academy School District 20 in Colorado Springs. Like us at the PAST Foundation, Nathan recognized that our current model of education — the factory model — did not suit kids well, and so he sought out to reinvent high school with the idea of rebuilding it from the ground up. Joining him is Katie Flanagan, a teacher at VIllage High School, as well as Kate Bennett and Kenny Dufalt, two students attending the school.

We dive into what Village High School is, why it’s a unique hybrid model, and why those out there thinking of transformative education should consider some of the components of that hybrid model.

To learn more, visit:

We unbox:

  • The student experience as an impetus for innovation

  • Why students are drawn to Village High School

  • The concerns and pain points of a non-traditional education

  • Scaling this model of education for the future



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