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167. Turning Kids to Artists, Designers & Change Agents with Jason Blair

Our traditional school system has always grouped students by age, but we’re coming to see the benefits of mixed-age learning. When you take kids of different ages and have them learn together, they both grow exponentially faster.

Jason Blair is in his 20th year as an elementary school art teacher, currently teaching at Dublin City Schools. He was a previous guest on Learning Unboxed when we spoke with the Columbus Museum of Art about its work on Project Zero, and Jason is the teacher, leader, and resident with the museum.

We explore how he’s taking the innovative things he’s learned over his 20 years of educating and the variety of projects and partnerships he’s been a part of during that time and how he’s translating that experience into his own classrooms.

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We unbox:

  1. How multi-age learning benefits students, and how to encourage different age groups to interact

  2. The ripple effects of non-traditional education throughout the school system

  3. Creating an environment full of joyfulness

  4. Incorporating personal learnings into the education experience



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