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169. Diving Into the Montessori Education Method with Hannah Baynham & Melanie Thiesse

You can’t talk about rethinking education for long without hearing Montessori come up. In fact, several past guests on the show have mentioned it, either as an inspiration or having been brought up in that educational philosophy themselves. While we’ve scratched the surface before, we’ve never had the opportunity to dig into it until now.

Joining us to help us get a clear picture of this popular education method is Hannah Baynham, Director of Learning and Professional Development at Montessori and Melanie Thiesse, Senior Director of Membership and School Accreditation. They share the philosophy behind Montessori, why it’s so popular among those rethinking education, and how it is helping to shape the future of education.

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We unbox:

  • What Montessori is and where it comes from

  • How Montessori practitioners balance student agency and facilitation

  • How schools can get accredited as a Montessori school

  • Integrating Montessori education in an existing school environment

  • How Montessori is pushing the future of education


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