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173. Spreading Financial Education Through Student-Led App Development with Tiffany Marr

Financial empowerment is incredibly important for those who want to manage their wealth properly, and it’s critical for students to get a headstart on that journey We're talking about Wemblr Ed, a gaming simulation app that engages students in financial scenarios and events to teach the value of critical thinking, personal finance, and strategic planning.

Joining us today is Wemblr's founder and CEO, Tiffany Marr, as well as Derek Fitzer, Dawn Weaver, and Callan Kajdasz from Southwestern City Schools, a school district in the Central Ohio region.

Tiffany will be talking about how the app works, how it impacts students, and the features that make it so cool. We'll also hear from her colleagues about their experience using the app in Southwestern City Schools.

To learn more, visit:

We unbox:

  • How Wemblr got involved in public schools

  • Drawing on the students’ skillsets for app development

  • Giving real-world problem-solving opportunities to students

  • Scaling industry education across school districts



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