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178. Unlocking the Power of Social and Emotional Learning with David Adams

Are we doing enough to prepare our children for the future? As the world becomes increasingly complex, academic success alone is no longer enough to guarantee a bright future. Today on the podcast, we have David Adams, the CEO of the Urban Assembly, an organization leading the charge in bringing social and emotional learning (SEL) into classrooms across its network. With the Resilience Scholars Program (IRSP), David and his team are crafting unique approaches to integrate SEL into curriculum and classroom practices. Join us as David shares his insights on why SEL is missing in modern education and how Urban Assembly is working to bridge the gap.

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We unbox:

  • Creating a private-public partnership that involves industry in education

  • How exposing students to different avenues helps them understand their likes and dislikes

  • The role of the K-12 system to ensure that young people can contribute to their community

  • The importance of social-emotional skill development


Produced by Nova Media


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