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189. How Zoo Schools are Changing the Education Landscape

Welcome to another exciting episode of "Learning Unboxed" where we’re talking about zoo schools as transformative educational institutions. We're joined by four distinguished guests from the world of zoo education and conservation: Chris Edelen, a career tech teacher at Cincinnati Public Schools' Hughes STEM School and a former zookeeper at the Cincinnati Zoo, brings in over two decades of experience in the zoo and education sectors; Trene't Schill, a proud 2018 Zoo Academy alumni and University of Cincinnati graduate, specialized in Horticultural Science; Rickey Kinley, a dedicated professional, who's led a career spanning 28 years at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden and is currently the head keeper of the aviculture department; finally, we have Nhy'Aire Dunn-North, an ambitious senior at the Zoo Academy, who aspires to make a difference in the zoo conservation space, particularly in the African and elephant exhibits. Tune in to learn how specialized programs like the Zoo Academy can contribute to the personal and professional development of students, even in areas where such programs don't exist. Our guests discuss how to encourage students toward these unique opportunities, the importance of developing soft skills, and the practical application of animal training techniques in human interactions.

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We unbox:

  • What the Cincinnati Zoo Academy is all about

  • How Hughes STEM School began working with the Zoo Academy

  • The cross-disciplinary skills students can learn at Zoo Academy


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