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193. When We Trust Kids, Amazing Things Happen with Gever Tulley (Re-Air)

Welcome to the July edition of Learning Unboxed. As many of you know, we tend to take the month of July off, but we have heard from our loyal listeners that you would love content during your summer vacation. So we have crafted a set of four episodes to run during the July holiday that are all about exploring student agency. For those working to make a meaningful shift in your classrooms, schools, and communities, the most crucial place to start is making the decision to shift from a teacher-led ecosystem to one that is student-led. But this shift can be daunting. So join us as we explore four examples of student-centered learning that demonstrate what's possible.

We’ve come to believe that protecting kids from experiences is a good thing, but what ends up happening is we cripple their ability to make decisions, function as adults, and be intrinsically motivated in anything. Gever Tulley is the co-founder of Tinkering School which came about in 2005. We talk about how trusting kids lead to big things, how teachers and students can collaborate effectively, and why age-restricted learning is a tool of the past.

To learn more, visit:

We unbox:

  • How Gever put kids in charge of his summer camps

  • Why Tinkering School exists and how it helps kids understand their own potential

  • Taking a collaborative approach to education with teachers and students

  • The benefits of mixed-age education

  • Creating educational “arcs” of learning


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