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198. Rethinking Discipline: A Journey into Student-Led Restorative Education with AJ Crabill(Part 1)

In this episode of Learning Unboxed, we're delving into the realm of student-led restorative practices with AJ Crabill, the author of "Great on Their Behalf." With a firm belief that student outcomes won't shift until adult behaviors change, we explore the transformative education through a restorative lens.

AJ Crabill breaks down the contrasting approaches of retributive versus restorative, showcasing how the latter focuses on repairing harm instead of simply punishing wrongdoing. Together, we dive into the effects this has on absenteeism, revealing how conventional punishments may not lead to behavior change.

Join us as we navigate the calibration of focusing on more frequent behavioral issues, emphasizing early intervention and the importance of teaching life skills like conflict resolution. Crabill introduces us to three powerful tools: community circles, mediation circles, and restorative circles, each with distinct applications in conflict resolution and rule violations.

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We unbox:

  • How conventional punishments might not lead to behavior change.

  • Teaching essential skills for dealing with conflicts and undesirable situations.

  • Three Tools for Restorative Practices: Introduction to community circles, mediation circles, and restorative circles.

  • How teachers can benefit and the step-by-step approach to incorporating restorative practices.

  • The crucial role of school boards and superintendents for long-term success.


Produced by NOVA Media


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