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199. Rethinking Discipline: A Journey into Student-Led Restorative Education with AJ Crabill(Part 2)

In this episode of Learning Unboxed, we continue our deep dive with AJ Crabill in part 2 of our enlightening 2-part series focused on student-led restorative practices in schools.

The series sheds light on a 24-month pilot spearheaded by AJ from June 2022 to June 2024. A noteworthy aspect of this endeavor? The initial nine months were solely dedicated to adult training. AJ firmly believes in equipping adults first so they are not just passive participants but empowered allies in the initiative.

From the strategic selection of student leaders and the innovative concept of "student-led restorative rooms" to AJ's personal narrative and the profound impact of adult behavior on student outcomes, this episode dives deep into the intricacies of restorative practices in education. AJ emphasizes the need for intentional character development, highlighting the role of community, mediation, and restorative circles in shaping school culture and student success. Tune in, unbox, and learn!

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We unbox:

  • The importance of adult training in implementing student-led restorative practices

  • The interplay between adult behavior and student outcomes

  • The three circles: Community, Mediation, and Restorative

  • The need for intentional character development in schools


Produced by NOVA Media


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