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202. Beyond the Classroom: Shaping Global Education through Systems Thinking with Sheryl Cababa

In this episode of Learning Unboxed, we're exploring the profound impact of systems thinking in transformative education with Sheryl Cababa from Substantial. Sheryl is the mind behind the freshly-released book, "Closing the Loop: Systems Thinking for Designers.”

A dedicated design researcher and strategist, Sheryl is at the helm of informing education product and service designs, as well as directing investment strategies. In our conversation, Sheryl unveils the close-knit relationship between design thinking and human-centered design. A proponent for amplifying the voices of students and teachers, she believes in actively engaging them in the design processes, bearing in mind their unique contexts and challenges. Sheryl advocates for an equity-centered approach to global education, offering us a macro, bird's-eye view into systems thinking.

Whether you're an educator, designer, or just a curious mind, tune in to this enlightening episode to understand the transformative power of systems thinking in education.

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We unbox:

  • Examples of systems thinking in action

  • The impact systems thinking has in real-world scenarios

  • The applications, challenges, and opportunities of systems thinking for individual educators


Produced by NOVA Media


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