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211. Empowering the Next Generation:

Civic Engagement in Teen Science Cafés with Katey Ahmann & Carolyn Noe

In today's episode of Learning Unboxed, we're honored to have Katey Ahmann and Carolyn Noe join us to discuss the transformative role of youth in shaping their communities through civic engagement. Our guests shed light on a unique program called Teen Science Cafe that hosts 'cafes'—dynamic spaces where young people lead the way in selecting local topics and steering community conversations.

Through this exploratory dialogue, Katey and Carolyn illustrate how these cafes operate, the importance of youth-chosen topics, and the program's flexible nature that ensures each cafe is as unique as its participants. This model not only champions education and civic participation but also cultivates an environment where the youth can exercise their voice and agency in real-world contexts.

So tune in as we delve into this empowering initiative, understand its profound impact on participants and communities alike, and learn how such platforms can nurture informed, engaged, and active citizens for the future.

To learn more, visit:

We unbox:

  • The role of youth in community decision-making

  • The structure and adaptability of youth-led 'cafes'

  • The criteria and process for topic selection in these cafes

  • The educational and civic impact of youth participation

  • Strategies for fostering active citizenship among the youth


Produced by NOVA Media


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